The Power Of Creativity

My, ohhh my, ohhh my. We can never fully understand and grasp the power of creativity. We would still be cavemen without using our imagination to discover new things, without our innovative abilities.

Imagine if you can the world without us having our imagination, our creativity and our innovative skills? Yes, we would still be cavemen and women, we would still be like the animals.

The evolution of us as mankind is depending on our mind, our thoughts, our imagination and creative skills. When we look around us in our modern society with all the technology and comfort we have when it comes to our standard of living, transport and flow of information, we can clearly see all the creativity that has been.

Creativity is what separates us from the animals and we are all powerful in every way and we can create all that we could ever want and desire. Within our mind we have an enormous treasure to innovate, improve and change everything we have around us.

We as human beings have an enormous capability to change, not just ourselves but everything around us.

As children, we have a very vivid imagination and are very creative but as we grow older we seem to lose that mindset as we have been programmed to be realistic and things are as they are and there is nothing we can do about it.

But imagine if we had not figured out to make fire. Imagine if we had not invented the wheel. Imagine if we would not have invented the motor. Imagine if we had not invented computers or the internet. The world would have been completely different, right?

Some say that because of these changes and the innovation of many things is polluting and destroying the world but we must realize that all change is hard in the beginning. We must also look at the bigger scale of things and have the long term vision before us.

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All change is hard in the beginning and we always make a lot of mistakes at first but we have to keep on going and learn how to improve things so they will have a positive effect worldwide. The motor cars are polluting but now we are in an era where electric cars are coming in strong and that is the future.

Imagine once upon a time when Galileo stated that the earth was round when everybody else thought it was flat. Galileo was executed for that statement and the same is with all others who were ahead of their time and claimed that there was another way to do things and that the world was not exactly as we formerly believed.

Our former generations today have a hard time coping with new technologies as it is completely new to them. I am my generation did not have these technologies when we were young but we were not that old when it arrived so we have the capacity to learn it. The younger generations today who grew up with these technologies know how to use it from birth as it is all around them in their everyday lives.

The imaginative and creative innovation of our former generations were improved by later generations and our future generations will improve it even further. They may even and will create something entirely different and better.

Our imagination and creative skills may be limited by what we have around us but we can innovate, change and improve everything in our lives. Today we can make improvements that we will leave as a legacy for the coming generations.

We should not fight the changes that are happening. We should rather take an active part in these changes to make a lasting, positive impact on our own lives, the lives of those around us and the world in whole.

Let´s start reawakening our creative powers and let´s change the world for the better.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach


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