The Good Old Days

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I often hear people say “Ohhh, the good old days, when everything was simpler”. Most of the people I hear say that are older generations. I have often wondered why they say that and I always come to the conclusion that is what was more familiar to them.

All we are is what we know and are familiar to. What we have when we grow up will stick to us and what we learn when we are young will leave a mark on us. It can be hard to change old habits, our former mindset and when we face something we are not used to, we tend to become afraid. Afraid that we might not understand, might not be able to learn how things are or how to adapt to the changes that are happening around us.

The say old habits die hard and I just met one woman who has a sister who grew up in the old Soviet union. It was a hard life back then and people, for the most part, were afraid every single day, they were afraid to leave the house or let anybody into their home. Well, it has been about 20 years since the fall of the Soviet Union but she is still afraid, still afraid of leaving the house or letting anybody in.

The good old days is something that is familiar as that was all we knew at the time. It filled our mind with the things that were back then, the rules that were back then and the society, technology and atmosphere that was back then.

Some of us had a good childhood, living back then but since then the world has changed in almost every way. I feel I am quite young, I am only 38 but when I look back at the changes that have been in our society are enormous so I can only imagine the changes that have been for the older generations.

Change is inevitable and it is constant. We, human beings, even though we have this incredible power within our mind to change, evolve and adapt, many of us fall asleep on the guard. Our mind often tends to fall asleep and we forget who and what we really are. We are powerful beyond our own imagination.

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The question is always if we are willing to adapt to new ways of being, new ways of thinking and new ways of experiencing life. Life is a constant learning period but sometimes we neglect the lessons we receive and thereby we stop to grow as individuals. We lose our ability to learn more and improve ourselves. We start to settle where we are and some of us start to recent ourselves, our surroundings and the new world.

We can become and do whatever we set our mind on and we are the creators of our lives in every way. We all make our choices according to, not just what we feel like but also according to what we believe we are capable of. Still we forget what we really are capable of as our surroundings and social programming has sometimes put us to sleep.

There is always a new tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities and possibilities and we always have a clean slate to start over again from the beginning. Decide that today we will make a fresh start on something new. We can start making changes in our lives that will open up our mind to the power we have within ourselves to learn something new, do something new and become something new.

The good old days may have been good at that time but today is also good. Today may be different from the other day but it also a new beginning.

Take care my friends and let´s make today count with a new, open mindset towards life.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach


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