Don´t Stop Me Now

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I can just imagine that most of you remember the song with Queen “Don´t Stop Me Now” and the power from it and the lyrics, ohhh wow….

We need to apply the mindset that there is nothing that will stop us. We should reawaken within us the power to keep on going, no matter what. We are the creators of our lives in every detail and it is all up to us to make it to the finish line.

One of the easiest things in life is finding excuses. We can always find 1000 of reasons why we should not do something and why we should just quit and give up but where does that lead us. We might say someday but someday only leads to a town called Nowhere.

We only live once and why think of something, why start something if we are not going to finish it. Why do something if we do not have the ambition to take it all the way?

Some people say they don´t have the time. Some people say that they are too busy. Some people say they don´t know how. Some people say they can not do it. Well, these are all very common excuses and these excuses will only keep us on the road to mediocrity.

If we want to be average, like the common people, then good for you and I hope you enjoy life but for those who want something different, who want something more out of life, there is another way.

That is to get to know ourselves, find our inner core of who we are, who we want to become, what we want out of life, set clear, written down goals and make a step by step plan to get there. Finally we should learn all we need on how to get there. Take every step needed to manifest it into reality and make it happen.

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Life can get very boring when we sit idle and do not follow our dreams, when we do not follow our heart and basic instinct. The only way to stay away from a sleeping slumber is to take action and I mean taking action NOW. There is only one day we should focus our attention on and that is today.

We should learn from the past, we should plan for the future but concentrate on the NOW. It is only now that we can make things happen. It is only now that we can work on improving our lives and make our dreams happen.

We all know the saying that we should not do tomorrow what we can do today but I used to say “why should we do something today if we can do it tomorrow”.

Guess what?

I did not do so much that day nor the day after because the day after I said tomorrow. I learned a valuable lesson as I was not heading far with that mindset or mentality. I decided to change my ways and all of a sudden my life changed radically for the better. I feel better both in mind and body and things are happening around me, my dreams and goals are all becoming a reality because I decided that there will never be anything that will stop me, not others nor myself.

So let´s play the song Don´t Stop Me Now with Queen and let´s raise the volume and sing along.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach


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