The Luxury Of Traveling – Hotel Sofitel

Wow, to be honest I must admit that my deepest passion is for sure to be traveling and experiencing new sights, new ways of living and being. Experiencing new languages and off course meeting new people. I like exploring all sides of life and society but luxury is one of my favorites. In my life[…]

Algarve, Here I Come

As many of you have noticed, I love traveling the world and seeing new places, cultures and meeting new people. Exploring the world is my passion, learning new things along the way and at the same time exploring myself. I always meet so many interesting people, have so many interesting and fun conversations. It is[…]

It Is Not About The Money

Living in luxury and having a luxury lifestyle is not about the money. It is about our inner mental attitude towards life and what we have. Having a luxury lifestyle is about appreciating all that we at the moment and be grateful. It is about being happy and satisfied, even though we strive to improve[…]

Luxury Is A Lifestyle

These last few days, weeks and months have been a very special time for me. In these two months I have now been living in Spain, my life has changed radically and my perception of my life, lifestyle and work has changed dramatically. I have always been a rebel, been fighting against mediocrity and the[…]

The Power of Information Diet

In every way I can not clearly explain the power it has to go on an information diet, the effect it has and the incredible benefits it has. We are all, at least the majority of us who use the internet on a daily basis, addicted to information in whatever form it may be. We[…]

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