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My Message to The World

Hello. I want to welcome you to my website and I want to welcome you into my life. I am grateful that you have taken your time to show interest in what I am offering. I also want to congratulate you on taking steps to making your life better. Hi, my name is Égzeus Belial. I am a regular person, like all of you. But I am also an extraordinary person, like all of you. I am a person who got stuck in mediocrity, a slave to other peoples dreams and expectations. About from the age of 15 I started to feel real depression and it lasted for almost 15 years. I got stuck trying to fit in, lost my own dreams and my own ambitions. So severly that I sometimes wanted to leave this world. The last time that happened I was so sick and tired that I made myself an ultimatum. Either to say good bye or to change my life completely. At that time I decided to go to a phycologist, a nice elderly man who in a few sessions woke me up. He told me that I did not have a depression, instead I had misconceptions about myself and the world. In other words I had the wrong thought. So all I needed to do what to change my thinking and it was as simple as that. Thankfully during these years of misconceived thinking I read and learned all I could about personal development, positive thinking and self help. As I was working as a massage therapeut my clients and others were always telling me to share all I had learned about the subject because I was able to give them so many points to help them. The only problem was that I did not use the knowledge I had at the time. After I changed my mind, my thoughts, my life has gone from a living hell to being perfect. These last year my life has just been getting better and better. My own personal freedom has just been growing and as is now, for me, extraordinary. I am a living proof that this works. I have been through it, lived it.

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