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It Is Not About The Money


Living in luxury and having a luxury lifestyle is not about the money. It is about our inner mental attitude towards life and what we have. Having a luxury lifestyle is about appreciating all that we at the moment and be grateful. It is about being happy and satisfied, even though we strive to improve […]

Luxury Is A Lifestyle


These last few days, weeks and months have been a very special time for me. In these two months I have now been living in Spain, my life has changed radically and my perception of my life, lifestyle and work has changed dramatically. I have always been a rebel, been fighting against mediocrity and the […]

Is It Just My Imagination Or?


Hello there. Today I want to talk to you about our imagination and how important our imagination is to a successful and free life. If we are to design a different and better life for ourselves we need to enrich our imagination with new images, new information and a new way of thinking. Because if […]

The Power of Information Diet


In every way I can not clearly explain the power it has to go on an information diet, the effect it has and the incredible benefits it has. We are all, at least the majority of us who use the internet on a daily basis, addicted to information in whatever form it may be. We […]

Retaking The Leadership


When we were born, when we were given life, from birth we were given some responsibilities that we need to attend to. We may not be aware of it because we were not taught these responsibilities because our parents may be unaware of them because they were not taught these responsibilities. These responsibilities are that […]

There is An Unstoppable Force


There is an unstoppable force that we all have within us and can tap into at any time we so wish to. This force will release all our past hurt, sorrow and pain. The only problem is that we have closed our heart and our soul to this force because of fear. We have wrongly […]

Reevaluating Ones Life


Often in life we live by misconceptions about ourselves and our past. We can not trust our memory or our memories because every time we think back to a certain event in our lives, it changes, it gets colored by our present moment and feelings. Our memories are just a part of our imagination and […]

Our Inner Voice


We all have our inner voice that sometimes whispers to us words of wisdom. Like words of advice that can save us from trouble or an instinct that that tells us to be aware of some situations or people, but how often do we listen to this little voice that can often be our savior? […]

PD Is The Key


PD is the key. Personal development is the key to everything in life. No matter what aspect of our lives we want to improve, we need to personally develop ourselves, improve ourselves and expand our own awareness. As we are only aware of about 1% of the things we have around us then we are […]

Freedom Is Not For Free


Hello again my wonderful fellow earthlings. There are a few things in life that we have to realize and take into consideration when we have our dreams and expectations and that is that nothing in life is for free and nothing can be taken for granted. As a very rebellious person, freedom has always been […]

Égzeus Belial

Égzeus Belial

I am a lifestyle coach and my mission is to help people discover their inner power and guide them on their path to freedom, success and how to design our luxury lifestyle. I offer courses on: - how to be successful in online and home based business. - How to design your personal freedom. And I also offer personal mentorship. Take care and enjoy

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