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Being a Rebel is Not Always Easy


Being a rebel is not always easy but it is worth it. I have always been a rebel at heart and mind. I have have never been able to conform or fit in. I have tried but than I have been looked at like false and that was true because I was not being myself. […]

How To Manage Your Leads?


When we are in an online business, network marketing business or any other business we need leads, people to talk to, buy our products and sign up with us. When we have a lot of people, leads coming in we need a good system to manage it. A system called CRM or Customer Relationship Management. […]

Your Personal Lifestyle Coach

Égzeus á torginu

I am a luxury lifestyle coach. I help people change their mindset and their lives. I help online and network marketers get leads for their home based business. If you want to improve your life and be successful then contact me NOW. You can connect with me on these social sites Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin […]

Consistensy Is The Key


Consistency Is The Key I would like to share with you a bit of my personal situation and my current day to day things. Because I have made a lot of discoveries about myself and how the world works. Things I believed were true but never put it into practice. I hope this article will […]

Don´t Start With Your Warm Market

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When we are getting started in Network Marketing it can be dangerous for the future of your business to start with our warm market. We need to learn what this business is about and go online. Use Attraction Marketing to attract the people who are interested in this business type, people who are ready to […]

Stop Selling and Start Improving Peop...


Stop selling and pitching your products or company. Start connecting to people, ask them personalized questions to find out their need and wants. When you do that people will show interest in what you have to offer. Because people hate to being sold to but they truly love to buy. They love to buy things […]

I Had My Jaguar……For ONE ...


I got the smell, touch and feel of having my own Jaguar……for one day. The way law of attraction works, we have to be able to see it, visualize it. Feel the feeling, see it in our mind. We have to be able to imagine it if we want to attract it into our lives. […]

Intellectual Retreat


Hey, how are you all doing? I have been very busy these last few weeks and these last few days I have been on an intellectual retreat at home by myself. I have been planning and designing my life and work. All of a sudden there are so many amazing opportunities coming my way. All […]

Just Another Saturday Night

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Hey all you marvelous beings. Here is a little update on me and the content of my website and blog. My friends, family and strangers have asked me to share more of my personal life, what I am doing on a day to day basis. People are obviously getting curious about me and how I […]

Multiple Personalities


Are we all a bit schizophrenic? We are all a bit schizophrenic and we all have multiple personalities in some way. We all have the our own dualities within our personality. Everything in nature is build up of two extremes and everything in between. We can not have one without the other. Opposites are needed […]

Égzeus Belial

Égzeus Belial

I am a lifestyle coach and my mission is to help people discover their inner power and guide them on their path to freedom, success and how to design our luxury lifestyle. I offer courses on: - how to be successful in online and home based business. - How to design your personal freedom. And I also offer personal mentorship. Take care and enjoy

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