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Never Stop building


If we have a life and we have a dream for something bigger and better we should never stop building. If we have a business, home based or a regular company, we should never stop building. If we want success, in any way or form, we should never stop building. If we want to grow […]

Does A Healthy Mind Equal A Healthy B...


It is said that success in life means having balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body. That we need to exercise both our mind and body to have a healthy lifestyle. Well, I totally agree even though I have a tendency to be all in my mind, thinking, intellectualizing and analyzing. Often in […]

How To Change Our Mindset


Our mindset is our most treasured source to everything in life. It does not matter what background we have as long as we create the right mindset to overcome whatever obstacle that comes our way. Like the saying goes “Our past does not determine our future”. The thing that determines our future is our mindset […]

High Class Style


As I have mentioned often before, life has brought me down many paths. As I am so curious about everything life has to offer, I have tried most ways of living. I have tried being being poor and I have tried being rich. I have been a wanderer, a vagabond, traveling with just a backpack […]

Breaking Bad – Habits


Habits are strange creatures, they often lurk in the dark and make us do things we are not even aware of. Habits are things we do automatically, when we are on autopilot. Habits are things we do without thinking, often without being conscious about it. Making certain things a habit is a very important part […]

Why a Carrier As a LifestylenCoach?


Why did I start a carrier as a lifestyle coach? Well, the answer is simple. It has been a desire of mine since I was young, even though I was not really aware of it. When I was young I did not even know of such a thing as a lifestyle coach. Life has led […]

Why We Should Become Obsessed


No matter what we do in life, if we want to become successful, we need to become obsessed. We need to become obsessed about what we do and what we want in life. We need determination to stay on our course. To stay true to our mission in life and to stay true to ourselves. […]

Days of Trial


Days of Trial Our attitude towards life is our most important aspect of living a free and healthy life. Every day we can find a lot of amazing opportunities and beauty all around us. But there is also a lot of things that are happening that are negative and can try our patience and our […]

Being a Rebel is Not Always Easy


Being a rebel is not always easy but it is worth it. I have always been a rebel at heart and mind. I have have never been able to conform or fit in. I have tried but than I have been looked at like false and that was true because I was not being myself. […]

How To Manage Your Leads?


When we are in an online business, network marketing business or any other business we need leads, people to talk to, buy our products and sign up with us. When we have a lot of people, leads coming in we need a good system to manage it. A system called CRM or Customer Relationship Management. […]

Égzeus Belial

Égzeus Belial

I am a lifestyle coach and my mission is to help people discover their inner power and guide them on their path to freedom, success and how to design our luxury lifestyle. I offer courses on: - how to be successful in online and home based business. - How to design your personal freedom. And I also offer personal mentorship. Take care and enjoy

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