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We Are The Creators Academy

Improving our life is all a matter of choice and taking the steps needed to reeducate ourselves and learn new ways of being. Success will only come when we learn how to manifest it into our reality and change our view of ourselves, our live and our society, In this course I will go through the basics of our lives and our society. The social programming we have gone through in our lives and how we can reprogram ourselves to create the life and lifestyle we dream about

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Mastermind Coaching

In this Mastermind Coaching program you will get one on one Zoom Meeting sessions that will help you organize and schedule your future success. You will also have me to motivate you to keep on track with your goals and plans as it can often be hard to keep our inner motivation, focus and strength to take it all the way. I am offering 3 simple plans that you can sign up for to manifest your desires into reality.

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Here you will find all the articles I have written and the videos I have made to share with you how we can change, rearrange and transform our lives in every way that we desire and dream about. We all have the power within ourselves to design and create our life and lifestyle. All we have to do is to reeducate ourselves, reevaluate our lives and reprogram our mind and mindset. We are the ones that have full control over every aspect of our lives.

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Here you can find my Collected Articles. A collection of all the article I have written in a PDF form. Soon there will be more products you can purchase.

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We can all create our own luxury life and lifestyle
Everything in our lives happens for a reason and we always have the choice to change our lives

As the creators of our own lives we always have the choice to change our lives in the way we desire and dream about. Every day we get a new beginning with a clean slate and it is up to us how we use that opportunity.

Every day we get the chance to change, rearrange and transform our lives. We get to reeducate ourselves, we can reevaluate that state of our lives and we can reprogram the social programming we have running in our mind on autopilot.

Our mindset is what determines the outcome of our lives. What we focus upon will become real and we can always transform our reality in every way and our reality changes with every new information we get, for every new knowledge we apply in our lives.

Today is the day to make the decision to improve our lives in every aspect. Today is the day to start learning new things and to start exploring our inner being, our inner strength and our own specialties. That we realize that we are unique and extraordinary in every way.

  • Personal development
  • self improvement
  • reevaluation
  • reeducation

Égzeus Belial

Luxury Lifestyle Coach


I am a humanitarian, a freedom fighter and a rebel. Born and raised in Iceland and I have traveled the world looking for the answers to life after having survived cancer as a child and deep depression as a young adult. My mission has always been to share my experience and the lessons i have learned in life. I started my first course in positive thinking at the age of 24 and today i am a lifestyle coach and i aspire to guide people to the transformation of their lives. Soon i will launch a groundbreaking course related to this book, we are the creators. I have big plans for the future regarding my work as a lifestyle coach to create a ripple effect to improve the world.


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