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I am a lifestyle coach and my mission is to help people discover their inner power and guide them on their path to freedom, success and how to design their luxury lifestyle. Personal development is one of my biggest hobbies. Life is never easy and an easy life is no fun. Because if life was easy then we would not grow as individuals. Life happens so we get a chance to improve our life, strengthen our personality and become the great warriors of life. That is why we were born. We all have the power and the controls we need to become the creators of our lives. Read more here

We Are The Creators

We Are The Creators is a book designed and written to provide people with information and knowledge to help them redesign and transform their lives in every way. How to change their thoughts, habits and mindset to be able to create the life and lifestyle they dream about. Most of us feel trapped in a life that is not satisfying them in a way that makes them feel a lack of time, finance and the freedom they want. We often feel we need the courage and energy to step out of our comfort zone to make our dreams come true. Read more here

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Who Is Égzeus Belial

Égzeus Belial is a humanitarian, a freedom fighter and a rebel. Born and raised in Iceland and has traveled the world looking for the answers to life after having survived cancer as a child and deep depression as a young adult. His mission has always been to share his experience and the lessons he has learned in life.

He started his first course in Positive Thinking at the age of 24 and today he is a lifestyle coach and aspires to guide people to the transformation of their lives.

Soon he will launch a ground breaking course related to the book,

We Are The Creators

Égzeus has big plans for the future regarding his work as a lifestyle coach to create a ripple affect to improve the world.

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